Oscars 2014 … How did I do?

So, the Oscars 2014 are over and we have the results. How did you do in predicting the winners this Oscar season?

Here is how I did with my predictions: About 12 hours ago (at the time of writing this post), I put my predictions for the Oscars 2014 on Facebook.

Dallas Buyers Club movie poster from Wikipedia. Mathew McConaughey won

Dallas Buyers Club movie poster (from Wikipedia).

The easiest winner to predict this year was Jared Leto. His performance in the movie Dallas Buyers Club was fantastic. All the while that I was watching the Dallas Buyers Club movie, I was disturbed because I knew I had seen that “queenie” in some other movie, but, I just couldn’t figure out which movie it was. So, as soon as I got home I checked on Wikipedia. And I was shocked to learn that the actor was Jared Leto, yes, the same guy who acted as the younger brother to Nicolas Cage’s gun runner character in “Lord of War“, one of my favorite movies. Leto’s acting in The Dallas Buyers Club was superb and he deserved every bit of the award conferred on him. In fact, I felt that Leto should have been given “best actor” while Mathew McConaughey should have been given the “best supporting actor” award. Just saying!

The second “easiest” to predict winner was Mathew McConaughey. McConaughey’s role and acting in The Dallas Buyers Club was so far distant from the usual McConaughey roles and acting that I felt the Academy in specific and Hollywood in general had to recognize and reward the rise of a star who had goofed around so far but was ready for serious roles.

Gravity movie poster.

Gravity movie poster (from Wikipedia).

The only other movie I had seen from the list of movies at Oscars 2014 (featuring humans, not minions) was Gravity. And what a movie it was … err, what a movie it is! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! So, I was kind of SHOCKED when Gravity did not win the best movie award. I was even more shocked when Sandra Bullock did not win the best actress award for her role in Gravity. In fact, Cate Blanchett winning for her role in Blue Jasmine came from out of the blue, because I didn’t even know of that movie.

The only other surprise for me was that my minions from Despicable Me 2 didn’t get to do stupid things or speak gibberish while receiving the award for best animated feature film at the Oscars 2014. I haven’t seen Frozen so I cannot say whether it was worthy of the win but I felt DM2 was a fun movie that should have won the award for best animation.

The DespicaBlimp was a blimp disguised as a Minion used for advertising the Despicable Me 2 animated feature film.

DespicaBlimp (from Wikipedia).

So, overall, I predicted 14 awards out of all the possible ones. And I got 9 correct, giving me a “prediction accuracy rating” of about 64%. See this spreadsheet for how I came up with that result.

On a side note, I feel that if Hollywood wasn’t so uptight about its release dates I could have achieved a higher prediction accuracy. Just saying. 😀

Poster for 75th Academy Awards, 2003

75th Academy Awards, 2003 (from Wikipedia).

On a final note: my best prediction rating was way back in early 2003 for Oscars 2003. A friend dragged me to watch Chicago at a small movie theatre in San Jose, CA. I say “dragged me to watch” because I didn’t want to watch it, but girls rule … so we did her bidding. As the closing credits started to roll and we got up to go home, I happened to say “that movie’s got an Oscar written all over it.” Over dinner, I said Catherine Zeta Jones ought to win the Oscar for best supporting actress. Now, the reason I remember that discussion so distinctly is because I was left stranded at San Jose airport on February 11, 2003, because my friend wanted to see how well I could predict! I was picked up almost an hour after the Oscars were over with a small quip: “Yeah! So, you were right about the two awards you mentioned over dinner that day.” And all the while after that I wondered: you left me stranded at the airport so you could verify whether I was right or wrong? Are you serious? People can be unpredictable most of the times. 🙂


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