PortableApps on Xubuntu

This is not going to be news to anyone, but, I just got PortableApps running on Wine on Xubuntu 13.10.

Backstory: A few weeks back I got myself a tiny netbook that runs Windows 8.1 on some really low end AMD CPU/GPU combo. This netbook is so underpowered that it cannot even render those “curves” around window corners. There are no special effects and there are no graphical gizmos on this machine.

That being the case, I figured now or later some Linux distro was gonna find its way onto this netbook. So, I didn’t want to install all the usual apps on this notebook: firefox, chrome, libreoffice, etc. And the easiest option seemed to be to try out PortableApps. So, I pulled out an old hard drive, plugged it into an external case, formatted it and installed PortableApps onto it. Within moments a few usual suspects (firefox, chrome, libreoffice, Notepad++, etc) found their way onto the drive. A few moments later the PortableApps icon appeared on the task bar and in the system tray of the Windows 8.1 running on the netbook. I started a few apps and made sure things were working. So far so good.

Now! A few days back, for reasons that don’t concern us here, I installed Wine on my Xubuntu laptop. And today, during some idle time (an empty mind is a devil’s workshop) a thought suddenly occured to me: would PortableApps run on Wine on Xubuntu? There was only one way to find out: I plugged in the PortableApps hdd into my Xubuntu laptop, and chose to run the PortableApps “Start.exe” with Wine. I got some warning saying the autorun.inf or some such file was modified … blah, blah, blah! I decided to ignore that warning. (I know that’s not good. But, I catted the Autorun.inf file and it seems alright to me. We will only know when I plug this back into Windows 8.1.) A small window popped up that had the PortableApps icon in it. Clicking that icon brought up the PortableApps menu! Choosing to start some apps brings them up nicely. I am happy!

PortableApps Menu seen while running PortableApps running on Wine on Xubuntu.

PortableApps running on Wine on Xubuntu. 😀

The obvious question is: why? Why in the world would you want to do this? I mean most apps that you could install through PortableApps are freely available in all Linux distros. So, why? Why go crazy? The answer, my friend is … well! Hmm! There is no answer. I just wanted to try it out. And it works. But, now I am thinking my external drive could very well end up becoming the place where I plunk all my notes, docs, presentations and spreadsheets.

So, if you want to run PortableApps on your Linux distro, you very well can. Go ahead and try it out, you will love it.