Delete old/unwanted wireless networks from Windows 8.1

I found this procedure somewhere on the interwebs and thought i would make a note for my future reference. So, if it helps you then all the better.

Alright! Windows 8.1 is a major goof up. Nobody is going to dispute that. A lot of things that are expected from a sane simple desktop OS are missing. One of the things that is missing is the ability to remove old wireless networks. I mean this being Windows, you would expect to go to a wireless network name, right click and choose to delete. But, no siree! Windows 8.1 ain’t not giving you no easy way to delete your networks. 🙂 But, fret not! For the Windows command line is there to help you.

So, you start off by firing up your terminal or Command Shell (cmd) in Windows. Then you type this command to list all wireless networks that are configured on your Windows system:

C:\ > netsh wlan show profiles

So, just to repeat, that command is going to show you a list all wireless networks that are configured on your Windows 8.1 system.

Now, to delete specific networks, you run this command:

C:\ > netsh wlan delete profile name="SSID of network you want to delete"

That old network is now gone! And you are done with the task at hand. 🙂