Some useful utilities from Microsoft

Microsoft has a whole bunch of tiny little useful programs that are hiding all over their site. E.g. back in the days of Windows XP, they had all these little add-ons that were probably called “power toys” or something like that. There were a whole bunch of useful utilities like (my favorites):

  • Tweak UI
  • Sync Toy
  • ClearType Tuner
  • Open Command Window Here
  • Image Resizer
  • Alt-Tab replacement

But, you wouldn’t know about them till you went out hunting for them … with Google as your guide in the wild of the Web.

Then, Vista happened and I broke my ties with Microsoft after wasting a bunch of money on Windows Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 Ultimate licenses.

After the long lull and having almost forgotten Microsoft, I recently got myself a new laptop that came with Windows 8 installed on it. Now I have been wondering what to do with it – the laptop and Windows 8. So, I started looking around and figured I would download some free and open source software for Windows. But, then most of the open source software downloads provide their MD5 checksums to help ensure that you got the whole package. Back in the days of Windows XP Pro, I had used WinMD5Sum or some such program, but I can’t find it anymore. I did find these few, but they don’t seem to be the program I had used back in the days:

I am sure there are others, but, who cares. Because today, I found out that Microsoft has its own file checksum integrity verifier program called FCIV. And guess what! That FCIV program supports both MD5 and SHA-1 checksums. Cool, eh? So go on, try it out already.